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Southgate Hydro Towers - photo credit: Lorraine Marian Kenny

The Cost of Electricity in Ontario is at an All-Time High.

This is particularly acute in rural and near rural properties, where the cost of electricity is twice or three times of that found in major cities in Ontario.

Residential electricity costs will continue to increase over the next 3 years and beyond, despite the provincial government's recent decision to reduce electricity costs by up to 25% according to the Ontario Auditor General's 2016 Report.

The Fraser Institute states in their July 2017 Evaluating Electricity Price Growth in Ontario Report:

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Effects of Climate Change and Aging Electrical Grid on the Reliability of Power to Rural and near Rural Properties.

Ice Storm

Climate change is the major cause of extreme weather events we are experiencing across Ontario, having a negative impact on the electricity grid, leading to increased power outages.

Ontario's electricity grid is also aging, with regular and frequent breakdowns, also leading to more power outages, for longer periods of time.

In short, Ontario's electricity system is unable to service the needs of many of its customers, and not doing so for more money.

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