Green Energy Ontario provides an initial on-site consulting service in green energy technology, products and services with you. A follow-up meeting will include a detailed assessment of your green energy technology, products and/or service needs.

Custom Built Homes, Horse Farms, Greenhouses and other Rural Properties

Custom Build Homes

Green Energy Ontario offers the following services to custom built homeowners, horse farms, greenhouses and other rural property owners:

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Small and Medium Sized Custom Homebuilders

Custom Home

Green Energy Ontario offers a range of different green energy solutions to the small and medium size custom home builder. These include:

Home Improvements

Horse Farms

Horse Farm

Horse Boarders are likely to pay higher boarding fees at a facility that provides heated indoor arenas. In situations, where for instance, 15-20 boarding stalls are available for rent, annual gross revenue for boarding could increase by as much as $22,500-$30,000 if board fees were increased by $150/month.

This extra money would quickly pay for the green energy technology in the first two-three years of operation, generating a lucrative additional revenue stream for the horse farm owner in the future.

Other Rural-Based Properties


Cottage Owners are particularly suited for solar energy, since they are used most often in the summer with long sunny days and have low lighting requirements. Further, where natural gas pipelines are not available, solar may be your best solution. However, because solar energy is intermittent (when the sun shines) it is always necessary to store solar energy in some kind of battery system. Where there is sufficient land on your cottage property geothermal energy may also be an option. Cottages can also benefit considerably with the introduction of green-based septic systems and waterless composting toilets.


Greenhouses built for meeting the demands in the rising popularity of year-round fresh produce, and the expanding number of Buy Local initiatives across Ontario, greenhouse horticulture is poised for significant growth in the province over the next decade.

Where natural gas pipelines are available, micro-chp will go a long way to help growers meet consumer demand by reining in energy costs, while at the same time providing ultra-efficient energy production for greenhouses.

Where natural gas pipelines do not yet exist, other green energy technologies, such as geothermal and/or solar may be the best fit for your greenhouse needs.

For Larger Commercial, Non-Profit or Not-For-Profit Rural or Near Rural Properties

Green Energy Ontario has developed business relationships with a number of green energy companies across Southern Ontario.

Green Energy Ontario will act as your energy broker to find the best possible price and green energy solutions for your property. This may include providing a particular micro-grid solution, if that fits your properties specific energy needs and budget.

If this kind of business venture interests you, please contact Todd Harris to discuss further.

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