What We Do

Green Energy Ontario offers innovative, economic and environmentally-conscious energy solutions to Affordable Housing Projects across Southern Ontario, including:

  • Co-op Housing
  • Non-Profit Housing
  • Not-For-Profit Housing
  • Indigenous Affordable Housing (Southern and Northern Ontario)
  • Senior Homes

Senior Homes

Green Energy Ontario provides energy assessments and energy audits of your property so you are able to make informed decisions about your energy needs.

Green Energy Ontario saves you money by arranging for various other technical assessments, such as building condition assessment, reserve study, age friendly conversion assessment, operational viability analysis and building envelop study at your affordable housing property.

Green Energy Ontario saves you money by researching and aiding in successful energy efficiency private sector and government program applications for grants and/or low-cost loans for your affordable housing property.

Green Energy Ontario also saves you money by facilitating the purchase and/or financing of green energy technologies, products, and services that reduce energy consumption and waste and increases system efficiencies.

Green Energy Ontario will act as your energy consultant/broker to find the best possible price and green energy solutions for your affordable housing property.

Green Energy Ontario offers four green energy technologies:

Solar Power

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Green Energy Ontario saves you money by reducing energy consumption and increasing system efficiency.

Green Energy Ontario provides optimum performance and energy efficiencies to your specific green energy needs.

Green Energy Ontario provides certified licensed professional contractors based in London, Woodstock, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Burlington, Mississauga, Toronto and Markham to install, monitor and maintain green energy technologies for you.

Green Energy Ontario facilitates the purchase and financing arrangements (if required) of green energy technologies, products and services that best fit your particular needs and budget.

Green Energy Ontario provides excellent customer service and works closely with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Green Energy Ontario ensures that your electricity costs are substantially decreased and even possibly eliminated entirely, with the introduction of green energy technology.

As your green energy technology broker Green Energy Ontario will help find the best and most economical green energy technology solutions for you.

Co-op Housing Retrofit

Green Energy Ontario provides green energy technology solutions to the co-op, non-profit, not-for profit housing sector across Southern Ontario. In particular, Green Energy Ontario provides:

Green Energy Ontario also researches the most up-to-date government and private sector financial assistance and incentive programs for the affordable housing sector in Ontario to keep your costs down as much as possible. In addition, Green Energy Ontario can assist in finding the most economical and appropriate project financing and payment plans available to your particular affordable housing property situation.

As your green energy technology broker, let Green Energy Ontario help you to solve your energy problems in the best ways possible, as determined by you and your community housing members.

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* Green Energy Ontario also is involved in providing innovative, economic and environmentally-conscious energy solutions to rural and near rural properties across Southern Ontario. For information related to this, please visit our Services Page